book review

Ingenious Retelling

Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih’s Manik is a wondrously layered retelling of an old Khasi folktale. Manik touches on key issues of love where a bond is severed by strictures and cruelties of society. Manik believes in asceticism and abstinence as a path to cleanse himself of his past misdeeds. He finds solace in playing his sharati (Khasi flute). The most melodious of tunes beguiles Lieng Makaw, a beauty who finds him in the fields.

book review

Clash of Cultures

The Romantics of Pankaj Mishra is that rare Indian novel that, with its refreshing lyrical style, takes the reader on an emotional ride. Samar, an IAS aspirant, spends his time in the holy city of Benares reading books of literature and philosophy. Being an introvert and recluse, he is sensitive to the world around him and chooses to isolate in his room to revel in artistic and philosophical ideas. But this secluded life does not last long.

book review

Incompleteness And Being Whole

In her previous collection Boats on Land, there were two short stories that dealt with lesbianism theme. Now, in her debut novel Seahorse, Janice Pariat pens a story of love in homosexual and bisexual relationships. Retelling the Greek myth of Poseidon and his youthful male devotee Pelops, the novel is about Nehemiah, who in his relationship with Nicholas (an enigmatic art historian) discovers the world of art.