Lyrical Enchantment

When novelist Orhan Pamuk was asked by The Paris Review whether he wrote poetry, Pamuk replied in the negative. Pamuk then added, “…because poets hear voices from God”. This is true especially of lyric poets. In ancient times, the poems of Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Virgil were regarded as highly prophetic. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav… Continue reading Lyrical Enchantment


Finding Refuge For A Restless Soul

Almost the whole year of 2015 I lived the life of a beatnik. Being unemployed, I was disillusioned with knocking doors of offices with photocopies of resume and certificates in hand. I would try to read novels in my small makeshift room. But seeing the pile of competitive exam study guides, I felt averse. No… Continue reading Finding Refuge For A Restless Soul



Writers nowadays have acquired celebrity status and fame with success and popularity of their novels. Many of them, though, are quite self-conscious about it. The question arises — Shouldn’t they be considered “thinkers” rather than “celebrities”? Literary festivals like the Jaipur Literature Festival, The New Yorker Festival, The Hindu Lit For Life Festival etc have… Continue reading Pseudo-intellectualism